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healingmuse's Journal

The Aceso Project
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Recreational therapy for sufferers of chronic illness
This community is a space for sufferers of chronic illnesses, particularly autoimmune and the "invisible" illnesses, to express their illnesses artistically by sharing artwork, music, poetry, narratives of their experiences, videos, or any other form.

The Aceso Project * (tentatively titled, and pronounced Uh-key-so) originated from a discussion on gender, identity, and chronic illness. One of the issues that has come up is that men and women have different needs for pain management and that there really is no good space for women (or men, either!) to express their feelings about their illnesses, even though sharing experiences and descriptions of pain and fatigue would be helpful for other sufferers and for doctors. Note: although the original conversation focused on women because 78% of autoimmune sufferers are female, contributions from men are also welcomed!

One thought was that recreational therapies might be a good tool through which to 1) illustrate symptoms so doctors could understand how women experience them, and 2) provide some comfort/community/release to people who are suffering from chronic illness.

All artwork is welcomed. It would also be great to see pieces that represent how you identify yourself through your illness, how you describe symptoms, and so forth. The goal of this community is to provide a space where sufferers can share their experiences and express them in ways (artistically) that have long term benefits. My other hope is that reframing the experiences of illness as the site of creativity will give sufferers potential tools for dealing with the stress, frustration, and other emotional consequences of being sick. And let them know that they're not alone!

*Aceso was the little-known Greek goddess of the healing process.


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3. Respect and support each other.